Schedule Updates

Washington, IA there will be a Pro-Farm and Hot Farm Invitational pull.

There will also be an Open Class in Marengo, IA on August 29th, 2015.

Questions please contact Wyatt Blackford – 319-721-7225

Important Reminders…

As we’re gearing up for our first pull this coming Saturday, we would like to remind all Pro-Farm tractors need to have a RPM pickup mounted on the rear of the tractor.

All competitors under the age of 18 will need to have a letter of parental consent, and those under 16 will need to have the boards approval before being allowed to compete.

Any questions contact Wyatt Blackford.

January 2015 Newsletter

From the President’s desk,

2014 was a successful year thanks to all pullers, members, and promoters who contributed to our best season yet. I feel that the November 22 banquet/rules meeting were a success. It did create a little more stress on Marna having to get everything lined up during harvest, but when the dust settled, our comedian, Bruce Wehr, retired to a standing ovation, and it was a relief that everything was over and we had our biggest banquet to date with eighty-eight in attendance.

Some news from the rules meeting. Points fund sponsorship: we are looking for twelve sponsors at $500 a piece to raise $6000 dollars in added points money. We have several on board but our looking for more. Joe Busch, Denny Healy, Fair Valley, Arnold Motor Supply, Moon Seed, and Cen-Pe-Co are already on board. If you or businesses you deal with want to be a part of this, all businesses will appear on the back of our official 2015 ECIPA shirt.

Other notes from the rules meeting, all tractors that pull in classes without a speed limit are required to have a roll cage, wheelie bars, ski bars (meeting our specs, see updated rules for 2015 when available), full fire suit and at least leather boots but preferably fire shoes.

All 3000 rpm tractors, Pro Farm and 9500 Hot Farm, will be required to have a tach pickup at the back of their tractor to record the RPMs of their machine. This is most notably a change for the Pro Farm class.

In more news for the Pro Farm class, the speed limit is now 16 miles per hour. Also, with the rule change has come more safety requirements; mandatory ROP’s, side shields and a steel fly-wheel are now required. Shorts are no longer acceptable. If you would like to wear shorts I would just recommend buying a pair of fire pants and throwing them on for the class. The vote for the class was sent out to the ten members of 2014. The vote passed with five in favor and two opposed. That does not include my vote, or two others that were not mailed back. Tractors without these safety features, will still be able to compete at 12mph, as in the past

A new general engine rule passed as well. For those of you who don’t know anything about it, this opens the door for more modern engines in older equipment. Please refer to the 2015 rulebook before doing any drastic changes to your engine program.

The tentative schedule is posted. Please remember this is tentative and subject to change. Most notable losses are Britt and Iowa City. Palo is still on the fence as of right now. New shows for the year will be the Worth County Fair in Northwood, and Tripoli, both will be full shows. Tripoli will not have an open class as they are planning to put together a 4.1 class. Wyoming will add a 9300 Limited Pro, 6700 Light Limited, and the 9500 Hot Farms to their show July 11th.

See you this summer,
Wyatt Blackford

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From the ECIPA President 01-2015

Two Events on Nov. 22: ECIPA Rules Meeting and 2014 Banquet

This year the ECIPA Annual Rules Meeting is going to be held the same day as the 2014 Banquet. The location of these events will be the Longbranch Hotel and Convention Center  in Cedar Rapids. 90 Twixt Town Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402. On Saturday, November 22 the rules meeting will begin at 2:oo pm and the annual banquet will begin at 7:00 pm. More info to come.

Have Input on Rules for 2015?

This year the ECIPA Rules Meeting and 2014 Annual Banquet are being held on the same day, Saturday, November 22. If you have rule ideas contact the ECIPA President or Vice President during the next three weeks.

ECIPA President:  Wyatt Blackford either by email at or by  mail at 2657 County Home RD  Marion, IA 52302

ECIPA Vice President: Craig Kinzenbaw , email or by mail at 2045 75th ST DR  Blairstown, IA 52209

Thank you